Inspiring Stories from 8GWTLW Members


Learn how Mandy gained confidence to do things she never thought she'd do.

"I wanted to figure out why it was so difficult for me to keep the weight off. I knew how to lose it because I had done it before. But I couldn't maintain the loss. I thought maybe there was something wrong with me or something I didn't know that thin people did. 

I've tried several different weight loss programs and had reached the point where I felt like I had lost hope that I would ever have any lasting weight loss or change in my health. When I came across an article by Naomi on Huffington Post, I immediately felt a sense of connection because Naomi was describing many of the same struggles I've had for years. I felt like if anyone could help me, it would be someone who can relate to my difficulties in losing weight and keeping it off. She's been there! Unlike so many so-called weight loss experts out there, she actually has lost a good deal of weight and successfully kept it off for years. She knows all of the pitfalls that we all struggle with as overweight women and knows how to defeat them. 

The only hesitation I had about working with Naomi was the expense of the program. I'm trying to save money to start a business and for me, it was a huge expense to commit to. It took a while (about a year), but after following Naomi on social media, reading her articles and watching her videos, I was finally convinced Naomi could really help me and I realized that spending the extra money for the 8 Great Ways To Lose Weight program would be an investment in myself. I was committed to doing anything I needed to do to better myself and improve my health and I decided the expense would be worth it. And it was!! 

I have chronic anxiety and gastrointestinal issues that have improved greatly since starting this program, which has been a huge change in my quality of life. I've also gained confidence that I can do things I previously thought I couldn't. I'm feeling more comfortable in my own skin, which I never thought would happen. I have more energy now and can get more things done that I enjoy doing. 

Two huge eye-openers for me were how changing my all-or-nothing mindset and practicing self-compassion are absolutely integral to my health and weight-loss journey. Those were definitely the missing links for me that I think made a huge difference. It helped me to stop beating myself up for certain food choices. I stopped correlating food decisions with morality, i.e., GOOD food or BAD food. I also started thinking about why I was craving a certain food and thinking of it objectively instead of emotionally, like a scientist. I think I noticed this in about the second or third week when I was PMS-ing. Where I would normally gorge myself on chocolate and salty snacks, I had a small piece of chocolate cake, really savored it, and didn't feel the need to continue. That was a revelation to me! 

Also, I really enjoyed the support of the private FB community. I feel like I can be really vulnerable there, ask for accountability help, or share my successes and I'll receive so much support. The 1-on-1 sessions were key because Naomi gave me insights there I couldn't necessarily get in the community. 

I would absolutely recommend 8 Great Ways To Lose Weight to anyone! And I already have. For people who have long struggled with an unhealthy relationship with food, poor body image, or just don't understand why they can't lose weight or keep it off, I would highly recommend this program. There's something for everyone in the program and as long as you're ready to really do the work, you will see results!" 


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