Inspiring Stories from 8GWTLW Members


Learn how Katelyn has started reaching her goals by looking at her health differently.

"Everyday, I hear about some new thing that will help you lose weight or a food that's bad for you. The fad diets, the fad work outs. I've had enough! I feel like all of it just sucks your time, energy and money right out of you! It's hard to look at all the information out there and apply it to your life - whether it's good information or bad information. There's just too much of it! 

I chose to work with Naomi because she lost a lot of weight and that appealed to me. I have a lot of weight to lose, too. I never had a hesitation working with Naomi because for once I felt like I was going to work with someone who gets it - who gets me! I was right. Having Naomi understand my struggles and frustrations was huge! 

Having to actually write about personal things and digging deep to fill out the program’s action plan fun sheets has been eye opening. My goal is to figure out why I keep failing - why I keep going back to old habits and letting emotions get in the way. The action plan fun sheets have been perfect in making me address what is going with myself. 

Being able to interact with Naomi (the 1 on 1, the Facebook group) made this program really unique for me. I LOVED the 1 on 1 session. We talked about the major things I was having problems with. She helped me immensely! For some reason, I didn't really think I would get to interact with or get to talk to Naomi at all. 

Through 8 Great Ways To Lose Weight, I have looked at my health in a different light. Naomi gave me the tools to address internal problems with myself. That was key. I have learned so much about myself! I feel like Naomi gave me the tools to keep going and actually achieve my weight loss goals. I've learned so much from her. 

I cannot say it enough: 8 Great Ways To Lose Weight has been so beneficial in so many ways. The action plan fun sheets, for me, have been the core of this program. I spent so much time working on them and I have learned so much about myself! All the information Naomi has provided has been enlightening. 

I now know that this program provides you with the tools to get to where you want to be as long as you do the work! " 



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