Inspiring Stories from 8GWTLW Members


Learn how Brook discovered the patterns in her food cravings.

"I joined 8 Great Ways To Lose Weight to start developing habits and get rid of my all or nothing thinking. I hesitated joining because I wasn’t sure if I was willing to put in the work. I could tell this program was different and I was hoping I was up to the challenge of addressing my real feelings. 

I have a hard time taking advice from someone who hasn't had a similar journey. I once had a person working for a diet group tell me she didn't know she was "obese" until she took the BMI test. I though, I have never needed a test to know I'm obese. How can this person relate to me!? So, it definitely helped me that Naomi was able to lose a significant amount of weight and keep it off. 

There is so much tangible information in this program. I have never received so much specific advice that gave me some real tips and tools. From small tips like tracking my menstrual cycle to help monitor cravings to bigger things like creating mantras. Both of these have already helped me in my journey. I already have realized patterns in my hunger/cravings by downloading a period tracking app. I also loved creating mantras and I'm using them everyday. One of my new ones will only make sense after a module story, but it's "don't slash all the tires!" It helps remind me I can't have an all or nothing mentality. 

I also liked the live group webinars and the FB community and weekly video modules. It's hard to narrow it down to any less. I gained so much from all of these. I was impressed with some of the questions people came up with and Naomi always had great advice and tips. Once I realized I could trust Naomi and the others in the group, it gave me the motivation to push myself. 

8 Great Ways To Lose Weight was COMPLETLEY different from any other tool I've used. I never have had a program that hit so close to home, got to the REAL root of the problem, and gave actual solutions. 

I would recommend this program to anyone who is ready to make real changes and really work on their mentality about better health. " 


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