Inspiring Stories from 8GWTLW Members


Learn how Adrienne claimed her radiance and happiness (and lost weight).

"I knew everything that a person needs to do to lose weight. Eat less, eat healthier things and exercise, but something has been holding me back for years since I decided "NO MORE DIETS!" back in 2013. I wanted Naomi to help me figure out what was holding me back and she absolutely did. 

I knew that Naomi could help me because she has lost over 100 pounds and beat the statistical odds by keeping the weight off for longer than 5 years. I had my usual fear of failure. I knew if she couldn't help me that I was helpless, because she is so dedicated to helping others and such an authentic person. I needed to hear from somebody who could speak from personal experience about how this journey is before, during, and after. 

Talking with Naomi one on one was one of the most helpful things. She asked me tough questions, which when answered seemed to unlock deep secrets about what was keeping the weight on. My emotions were behind my binging and knowing that someone was truly in my corner, empathizing, encouraging, and guiding me helped so much! 

People have started noticing that EVERYTHING about me is different, not just my body. One woman guessed that I've lost triple the amount of weight I've actually lost because I'm happier and radiant. I'm saying positive things to myself and attracting happy people into my life! I tell everyone about my health coach, Naomi, and how much she's helping me.

 I would absolutely recommend the 8 Great Ways To Lose Weight program. People with get tools that will last them a lifetime and permanent access to an online community that is always there for you. 

I got above and beyond what I'd hoped for." 


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