Why Haven't Diets Worked For Me Before?

The key to getting what you want out of life and losing the weight for good is engaging in the power that already lives within you. Our course membes are losing weight and gaining insight on how this time gets to be different for them. Interested in what discovery is awaiting you?


Engage in the power that already lives within you!

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Will I Really Lose Any Weight?

"My weight loss began earlier this year. I don’t think things started coming together for me until I did Discovery Dyet in the summer, though. It allowed me to not fall off the wagon, lose motivation. I honestly think the last 25lbs of the 50 I lost was because of Discovery Dyet. 

I struggled losing the first 25lbs, but being able to identify my personality and what works for me was life changing. Discovery Dyet, if you do the work, is a great weight loss tool. This is why I continue to use Discovery Dyet all the time. This is a never ending journey." 

"I was already down 40lbs before starting Discovery Dyet, but was at a stand still. Discovery Dyet helped me learn new things and I am now down about 60lbs. 80lbs to go. I know I have a long way to go but I know have the support and knowledge I need to keep pushing forward." 



"The program helped me to see myself differently. I realized that a lot of issues I had previously with other weight loss programs were due to certain restrictions and so on. Discovery Dyet really helped me to accept certain aspects of my personality and use them as strengths or at least don't see them as weaknesses. The weight loss was almost secondary to that. The main thing is that I felt so much better about myself. I learned a lot about myself I found out why certain things aren't right for me and so on. But although my inner contentment was way more important if you want specific numbers: I've lost about 5kg (11 pounds) since I started with DYET."  

-JULES M., 35 

"I'm not sure what changed as I'm also doing Naomi's other course side by side but I've lost 10lbs without trying to diet!

 "I'm down 5 pounds!! I learned alot with Discovry Dyet and I go back and re-do it."

-LYNDA H., 54

-LORI H., 48


Engage in the power that already lives within you!

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Can This Help With My Eating Disorder?

"In the past, I’ve tried big commercial diets, meal replacement shakes, elimination diets, Paleo, Overeater’s Anonymous, (I've tried lots of things). I was not sure how Discovery Dyet would be different to other programs, or whether I would be different this time (or just give up because it got too hard or didn't make sense). 

 Accepting my personality helped me feel less shame around activities that were not suited to me. In other programs you get a 'one size fits all' approach and if I'm falling short it is because I'm not trying hard enough. With Discovery Dyet I was able to focus on the activities that suited my specific personality types, and that is where I thrived. I felt successful.

From experienced dieters to those who may be starting out, Discovery Dyet is for anyone who wants to change their relationship with food."

"I hesitated joining Discovery Dyet eecause it has a form of the word "diet" even though with a funky spelling, I was worried, because I have such a STRONG aversion to that word. It represents a temporary state and brings up memories of a lifetime of failed weight loss attempts. 

I was relieved to know that this is NOT another diet and that it did attempt to address the real reasons we overeat or give up committing to exercise. 

The most unanticipated benefit I've found isn't really about food or eating, but about relationships. I've learned how to understand different personality types and what they need. I've learned to be more accepting of those other personality types and my own. It helps me understand why I couldn't stick to certain types of programs in the past. It's helped me to relate to people in my job and in all facets of life. Instead of reacting to people's behavior (especially if I find it strange) I realize it's just a way we're different. This acceptance of other people has naturally helped me to be more self accepting as well!

-CHLOE M., 34


"Discovery Dyet can help anyone (including men) who have emotional or compulsive relationships with food. Through my work in Discovery Dyet, my internal monologue is getting kinder. I don't beat myself up so much or talk like I'm a failure."

"I tend to SAY I'm a laid back person and don't get stressed out, but the proof is in the puddin (as we say in Tx). And my body is proof that I use food to cope with stress. The whole module on stress was truly enlightening and gave me tangible ways to not only cope with stress but to also view stress. I am now working more on tangible ways to release stress and give thoughts a voice. "

-KATIE M., 32

-BROOK W., 42

Will This Be As Hard As Other Diets?

"I think the thing I loved most about the Discovery Dyet was the way it is tailored to your own personality. It was not just another one-size-fits-all diet. When I learned about personalities and what each one meant in regard to weight loss, it all made sense. I understand now why the things I tried didn't work for me, even diets that seemed to work for everyone else."

"I LOVED starting off with the Personality Assessment!! Learning who I was and how this drives my weight loss efforts. I've taken a number of personality assessments for work but I never thought about connecting it with my weight loss journey.

-SHERRI L., 46


"I've been getting info from many sources and I love that I'm now able to pick and choose things I know will work for me- it doesn't all have to be set in stone. I am really trying to focus on moderation, not restriction or elimination as I know those do not work for me. Learning my personality and likes/dislikes has been very enlightening as well. The one thing I'm doing that's really cool is challenging some of those "stories" in my head."

"So many lightbulbs went on in my head as they spoke. I realized my roadblocks and why I was scared of success...but they put my mind at ease about it. I understand myself now and can make judgement calls for myself without feeling nervous. They gave me that "I got this" feeling that no other course has. And not just with weight loss! My all-over interactions in all facets of my life have changed."

-KARA N., 37

-TIANNA M., 36

"I found that watching the videos by Eve and Naomi, were entertaining and made me want to do the work. Their individual personalities and how they worked together really resonated with me. My friend that I did the program with have the same personality differences and it was great to see why our personalities click so well.

Doing this program with a friend was very motivating. It was more than just accountability, it was seeing the differences between us. It was seeing why she can't do some things that I see as obvious. It made things a little bit more real because it did work for both of us but in different ways and areas. To come together to talk about the program was really nice because it wasn't copying answers or getting one right or wrong. Having a friend willing to tell you the truth really helped with some of those areas I needed advice from as I could not pick out the truth in me. It was helpful to have that one honest person."

"I specifically loved Eve and Naomi!! It was so great to have these two people with some similarities but many differences in personalities talking about personalities. They feed off of each other in a charming way and make it fun to listen to. Also, there is nothing better than hearing advice from people who have actually done the hard work of losing a significant amount of weight. They know what they are taking about!

-BRENDA J., 26

BROOK W., 42


Engage in the power that already lives within you!

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What If I Don't Learn Anything New?

"I have very high standards of whom I'm willing to take information from. I am in the health care field and often find health and weight loss advice extremely pseudosciencey. I was worried I would not feel stimulated or convinced enough by this program. I also worried I wouldn't actually learn something new and it would prove to be a waste of time and money.

Discovery Dyet has given me insight and tools to build a new and trusting relationship with my body. I have not been feeling compelled to binge eat. I have made permanent and enjoyable changes to the ways I eat and exercise. I feel better and I no longer feel crippled by guilt and shame related to food and my body. For the first time in years I actually enjoy eating because it has become so much less complicated. I am better at recognizing what I need and asking for it."

"I worried that I wouldn't learn anything new. Or....that Eve and Naomi would have suggestions that seemed too complicated to implement. That they would address "other" people's issues and not my own(that sounds so arrogant now! Haha). That I wouldn't click with anything they said. The modules put my mind at ease. I connected to a ton of what they said and I loved the conversational style of the video modules. 

I loved how unique it is. That it wasn't screaming "quick fix" but was a lifelong journey personalized for me. Also- I love personality quizzes. Finding out it was based on my personality was a huge plus for me! I thought I knew my personality but was shocked by what I actually discovered."

-JEN H.R., 30

-TIANNA M., 36

"Two years ago--I lost over 100lbs and have put back on about 35-40lbs. I've been struggling with trying to get my mojo back and kept failing miserably. It wasn't until I began to work on my WHY that I had an 'aha' moment. I was trying to use the same motivation from my first go around on this time and it wasn't working. I wasn't as concerned about the things that drove me the first time--the pain of losing my mother. It has been four years. I needed to discover a new why that wasn't connected to pain. I discovered that my WHY this time was so much more personal but also harder to figure out. It wasn't about anyone else anymore--This journey had to be about ME and what I believed I deserved--which is to be the BEST version of me. I had to let go of the ghost of my mom and began to live for ME. 

"The personality aspect has really been key for a few breakthroughs I've had. It's so reassuring to know that weight loss advice isn't always one-size-fits-all, and that just because something works for one person doesn't mean it will work for me or vice versa. And now I know why! Mind blown! Knowing my personality strengths and weaknesses has been the missing piece of the puzzle."


MANDY P., 32

Will It Be Worth The $100 Investment?

"The only hesitation I had about Discovery Dyet was the cost. I sacrificed some things to be able to afford the program. I've been a part of Naomi Teeter's program and so for me, I wasn't hesitant about the Discovery Dyet. I love Naomi's program and so I knew this would be just as beneficial. 

It was very clear within the first week that the $100 I spent on the program was entirely worth it. Hearing my personality addressed and the discovery sheets that were, what I felt, tailored to me was life changing. It was the best $100 I have ever spent. It was an investment in myself."

"I hesitated joining Discovery Dyet (at first) due to money. That was my only hesitation. Once I decided to purchase the course, I was all in. After going through it and taking it seriously, I can now say this course is worth the money."



"I think the $100 price is very fair. I have paid much more for other programs that I did not enjoy nearly as much." 

"I've only done the intro to Discovery Dyet so far (signed up yesterday)... And I've already got my money's worth in self realization. So awesome."

-JODIE V., 41

-JEN H.R., 30

"The Discovery Dyet course was a super reasonable price for what the course members get and you two cover EVERYTHING. Like the nitty-gritty-what's-getting-in-your-way type of stuff too which I haven't seen other programs hit on at all."

"This course is worth a lot. I would have paid at least $200 for it. It really helped me look at myself more than I have ever done."

-LEAH B., 26

-BRENDA J., 26

One Word to Describe Discovery Dyet?

We recently started asking our Discovery Dyet course members if they could give us one word (or phrase) to describe Discovery Dyet, what would it be? Here are a handful of the answers real people have used to tell us how good Discovery Dyet is!


An eye opener!

Discover YOU

Awesome sauce

Your final weight loss journey starts here. 

You are you, so do you.



Freaking amazing!



Engage in the power that already lives within you!

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