95% Of Failed Dieters Don't Know What I Know...
How To Lose The Weight AND Keep It Off With Ease.

Why Did I Create 8 Great Ways To Lose Weight Solo Course?

When I began my weight loss journey back in 2009, it was IMPOSSIBLE to find anyone that had been in my shoes (overweight for all of my life), and was successful at getting and  keeping the weight off. I found myself idolizing The Biggest Loser contestants, only to realize most of them gained the weight back.

On my weight loss journey, it became very apparent that there's no shortage of diet and fitness information readily available. Most of it, you don't even have to pay a cent for!

The problem comes with maintaining the weight loss long term. None of these so-called health experts could teach me that. Probably because they had never carried around an extra 100+ pounds for most of their lives like I had.

I created this solo course specifically for women who relate to my struggle.

I want to gift them the tools to stop sabotaging themselves, to create a maintainer's mindset, and to work smarter (not harder) so that living a healthier lifestyle is a more pleasurable and realistic experience. It's not all about just counting calories, obsessing over food and working out for several hours a day.

I also created this solo course because I'm sick of women throwing money into the bottomless pit of gimmicks and schemes

...such as body wraps, dangerous energy pills, multilevel marketing supplement companies, unrealistic fitness DVDs that make you want to kill yourself, working with nutritionists and/or personal trainers who have never been obese a day in their lives, and so much more.